Our Community Issues

The loss of core industries, coal ming and steel making, has resulted inĀ economic hardships for many families in our community. Along with these hardships have come a number of societal issues that have directed effected our children and youth.

  • 32.5% of our population is living poverty (this number jumps to over 40% of the youngest of families).
  • Our municipality has the lowest average age when youth start drinking in Canada.
  • 55% of young adult males are considered problem drinkers.
  • The amount of needles exchanged in Cape Breton is now over 600% per capita higher than the mainland of Nova Scotia.

Faces of Addiction is a video we made to share the stories of many individuals and families living in Cape Breton. It was produced to show why it is important for places like Undercurrent to do the work we do.

Although challenging, the situation is not hopeless. We are focused on instilling hope and a positive attitude in the minds of the children and youth who participate in our programs.